420 Fest Information

Denver 420 Fest 2016 is one of the most popular cannabis festivals, but there are a lot of great events going on accross the Country with a few in Europe. Keep in mind that due to popularity, a lot of weed gatherings are limiting and controlling attendance by selling tickets. Be sure and register early if you want to go!

420 Festival List

As April 20th rapidly approaches, there are new marijuana celebrations happening across the globe. This plays off the 420 slang that is attached to this substance and with more places accepting recreational use than ever before, you can anticipate there to be plenty of events you can attend. The following list is not complete, but it will get you pointed in the right direction of some experiences you can have with cannabis.

Sweetwater 420 Fest

Technically taking place after April 20th, this weekend event is scheduled in Atlanta Georgia. It features acts like Kid Rock, Cypress Hill, The Roots and many more. While the overall focus is sustainable solutions, the festival and its apparent marijuana tones can be found throughout the website and the information about the event.  http://www.sweetwater420fest.com/

Denver 420 Festival

The Denver 420 Festival takes place during the days leading up to 4/20. Here, you’ll find many of the local dispensaries making an appearance, while arts booths are displayed and music acts play in the background. While the details are still in the early stages right now, more information should appear soon on their website. http://coloradohighlifetours.com/denver-420-festival-tour-2016/

World Cannabis Week

This week long event is designed to give visitors to the area the chance to experience the cannabis culture. This includes workshops, a closer look at the actual culture of cannabis use, and various forms of entertainment that are all marijuana friendly.


Tommy Chong Smoke Out

Explore Colorado dispensaries and spend a day with Tommy Chong on April 18th. You can then experience Snoop Dogg as he plays for a crowd on April 20th. This is an experience you’ll only have once in a lifetime and there are a limited number of passes for the event available. http://www.coloradocannabistours.com/420-packages-tommy-chong-cannabis-deal-denver/?utm_source=ColoradoPotGuide

420 Rally

This rally is designed to help dispel a great deal of the misinformation that surrounds cannabis and the people who use it. While you’re here, you’ll discover vendors that range from foods, to drinks, and even provide additional information on some of the services that are available in the area.


420 in the Streets

On April 20th, you can head on over to Welton Street and join a music festival. Acts like Method Man, Redman, and Cyprus Hill are all set to play at this event. While it states it is in the streets, the main event takes place in the Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom.



From April 19 – 21, the 25th Annual Hemp Fest will take place in Seattle. From business mixers to speakers and live music, this is an experience that everyone will enjoy. If you are interested in entering the raffle or want more information in regards to this event, please visit their website. This is an annual event that is designed to help shine a positive light on the hemp and cannabis communities.



In San Francisco, the popular Con convention settings will feature a marijuana theme on April 15 – April 17. To bring awareness to Prop 215, this festival includes games, food, and plenty of information. There are even rolling contests that participants can win incredible prizes through.

Field of Haze

The Roots, Pepper, and The Green will all perform here on April 16 for the annual Field of Haze event. The California event is one of the many popular choices you’ll have to celebrate 420 Day.



Amsterdam’s 420 festival is one of the biggest in the world. This smoke out is one that encourages to have everyone experience an event unlike any other. If you plan on attending at this location, you’ll want to arrive early and plan on getting to know the people around you in advance.


The Cannabis Cup

A place for celebrities, musicians, and the general public to gather and to experience all the best that the marijuana community has to offer. Information for the 2016 event should be announced soon. Traditionally, this festivals is handled by High Times.


Cannabis Music Festival

This music festival in Florida is one that is certain to leave a lasting impression on those who attend.


Cannabis Liberation Day

This Holland event features some of the best DJs and Bands from around the world. All in celebration of liberating cannabis in the world.


As you can see these are just a few of the incredible festivals that are available around the world. It is important to pay close attention to any rules or regulations that are in place for these events. While many of them have marijuana undertones, some have restrictions on the amount of cannabis that may be brought into the event. It is your responsibility to review this information before you leave the house to ensure that you are complying with any of the requirements that are in place for these festivals.